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We give everyone access to data and analytics to make data-driven strategic decisions. 

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Get a full picture of your organization,
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Neutral & Unbiased

We only provide you unbiased insights and recommendation. We have no no hidden interests.


MoreThanDigital is 100% independent and privately owned under our #bethechange commitment.


Secure & Safe

Nobody has access to your data except yourself. We take data security and privacy seriously.

Measure business relevant
KPIs and financials


Financial Insights

By analyzing key financial data, organizations can make better decisions about where to allocate resources and how to grow their businesses.

Our financial analytics can provide insights into the right data to make informed decisions about where to invest money and how to improve their overall financial stability. In addition, business analytics can also be used to monitor spending and track progress against their industry or relevant peers.

Revenue & Incomes

Get insights into your revenues and income streams and compare them with peers.

Strategic Investments

Analyze how you allocate strategic resources and how well you invest into your organizations future.

Costs & Spending

Get insights into your costs and spendings to optimize and find potential for savings.

Personnel Metrics

Understand metrics in connection with your personnel or based on other criteria.

Advanced Financial KPIs

With advanced financial KPIs it is possible to analyze even deparment specific metrics in depth.

Analyze the maturity of

key business areas

Maturity Insights

MoreThanDigital has developed a proprietary model that measures the maturity of organizations in terms of their ability to execute their strategic goals. The extensive model to measure businesses was created with input from over 70 leading industry experts and organizations.

The results of this analysis can help businesses make data-driven decisions about where to allocate resources and how to optimize operations. This way we enable every organization to make data-driven strategic management (DDSM) decisions.

Strategy & Innovation

Insights on the maturity of your strategy, innovation and digitalization.

People & Culture

Analyze your maturity in topics like culture, mindset, governance, talent, leadership and more.

IT & Technology

Understand your IT maturity in topics like strategy, management, technology innovation or security.

Data & Analytics

Insights on how well you manage, use and execute based on data.

Operations & Processes

Measure the efficiency of your operations, processe management, agility as well as on collaboration.

Customers & Customer Engagement

See how well you understand customers and their lifecycle to create innovation and customer experience.

Global Leading
Advanced Business Analytics Platform

Available Questions

Measuarble Business Dimensions

Accessible Modules

In-depth business analytics of the organization and every department.


Every business, from every industry, from every size, and every region, can use the MoreThanDigital Insights. The depth of data and analysis is up to the individual business; start small and grow big as needed. The platform is modular and you can choose the most relevant parts to you and your business.


You don’t have departments like Legal or Sourcing? Just leave it out!

Choose how deeply you want to analyze your organization. 
You have the choice!

Your Data is safe!

MoreThanDigital takes data security seriously. We have extensive measures in place to protect your data from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. We also use anonymization techniques to ensure that your data can not be accessed by anyone directly.

Only you and personnel you have authorized have access to your data.

Why should I use Insights?

Data-driven management is becoming more and more important as businesses strive for better outcomes. But until now, it has only been affordable for global corporations or tech giants. They have the resources to collect and analyze data on a massive scale. But that’s changing.

Thanks to MoreThanDigital Insights, data-driven management is becoming more accessible to businesses and organizations of all sizes. And that’s good news for everyone. Because when businesses make decisions based on data, they achieve better results. This helps the economy, secures jobs, and ultimately benefits society as a whole.

How does MoreThanDigital Insights do this? We provide access to the world’s leading business analytics platform. And we make it easy to use so that you can focus on what’s important: making better decisions for your business.

2,000,000 executives
can't be wrong

MoreThanDigital is trusted by millions of executives worldwide.
Read our story and our #bethechange commitment to know why.

“It can be difficult for entrepreneurs and managers to navigate in today’s world, with so many topics and buzzwords flying around.

They often don’t know where to start when it comes to transformation. So we decided to create a platform that gives everyone the power to see where change is necessary and where resources are best invested.

And we’re excited to announce that our Insights platform is now open to everyone. This enables every entrepreneur to make data-driven decisions, not just large corporations who spend millions of euros on data and analytics.”

Benjamin Talin. Founder.


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