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360° Business Analysis.

Business Analysis Redefined.

Experience the world’s first comprehensive analysis tool. MoreThanDigital Insights evaluates every aspect of your business based on up to 300 unique business dimensions.

Beyond Traditional Metrics & KPIs.

MoreThanDigital Insights goes far beyond traditional data metrics. Our platform uncovers previously immeasurable aspects of your business and enables informed, objective decision making for strategic advancements.

Financials. Maturity.
And More.

Unified and Interconnected Analysis.

Discover the synergy between 11 vital business topics with MoreThanDigital Insights. We view your business as an interconnected whole, diving deep into each dimension to reveal a comprehensive, connected analysis. Simple, insightful, and powerful.

360° Business Analytics and Strategic Insights by MoreThanDigital Insights

Entire Organization.
Individual Departments.

Analytics that Grow with You.

MoreThanDigital Insights is designed to grow with you. Start with an organizational overview and transition to department-specific insights when ready. Depth and detail at your command, adapt it to your journey.

360° Business Analytics Insights for the whole organization and every department

Every Industry.
All Company Sizes.

Universal Industry Coverage.

MoreThanDigital Insights breaks industry boundaries and offers analytics for any sector. Our platform provides relevant, data-driven insights across all sectors, revolutionizing analysis regardless of your business focus.

For All Company Sizes. Small to Big.

From startups to global corporations. MoreThanDigital Insights is designed for companies of all sizes and provides deep data insights for strategic planning. Accessible to every business, everywhere.

Extensive Reports.
Actionable Summaries.


Up to 120+ Pages of Report.

MoreThanDigital Insights offers up to 120+ pages of detailed reports covering all dimensions and topics. With KPIs, financial metrics, maturity levels and benchmarking results, nothing important is left out.

Actionable Summaries for Executives.

MoreThanDigital Insights breaks down complex data into concise, actionable summaries. Reports highlight the most important areas so you can effectively prioritize and make informed decisions.

Peer Benchmarking.
Progress Tracking.

Peer Benchmarking for a Competitive Edge.

Put your results in context with MoreThanDigital Insights. Compare your performance with industry standards and competitors. Get a clear view of your competitive position and how your peers perform.

Track Performance and Impact.

Monitor your growth over time with MoreThanDigital Insights. Our platform enables continuous performance tracking, helping you measure the real impact of your decisions and investments.

Easy Collaboration.



Simplifying Complex Insights.

Simple, so simple that anyone can do it on their own. MoreThanDigital Insights provides an accessible platform that breaks down complicated analytics and data. It’s never been easier to deal with strategic complexity.


Easy Collaboration and Surveys.

Foster collaboration with MoreThanDigital Insights. Our platform promotes a cohesive analytical approach, facilitating easy surveys and collaborative opportunities. Unleash the power of collective intelligence in your decision-making process.



No Hidden Agendas, Pure Insights.

Experience the transparency of MoreThanDigital Insights. We deliver impartial, comprehensive insights for your strategic decision-making, free from hidden agendas. Navigate your business with confidence and clarity.

Trusted by 2M+ Executives Worldwide.

Our commitment to neutrality sets MoreThanDigital apart and has earned the trust of millions of executives worldwide. This promise of impartiality and objectivity is also the foundation of our Insights platform.

Your Data.
Your Control.


Respecting Your Privacy, Protecting Your Data.

MoreThanDigital Insights treats your data with the utmost respect. We strictly adhere to data protection laws such as GDPR and are committed to protecting your privacy and company data.

Advanced Security for Trusted Protection.

MoreThanDigital Insights ensures that your data is safely protected with many security measures. We prioritize the security of your data and give you control over who has access to your data.


Free. For Everyone.

MoreThanDigital is committed to universal accessibility. Our base version, available at no cost, equips you with robust analytical tools. Everyone can experience data-driven decision making, irrespective of budget.

Premium. For Advanced Insights.

Upgrade to Premium, take your analytics to the next level with advanced analytical capabilities. With MoreThanDigital Insights Premium you get improved reporting, better analytics and extensive customizable peer data.

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