Our Mission, Vision and Commitment

Building a better world
through bold ideas
with big impact.

Our #BeTheChange mission is to Connect, Empower, and Innovate. We Think Different, Dream Bigger, Do Better. Together, we create resources, knowledge, and solutions to drive change and become the world’s leading platform.


What is #bethechange?

#bethechange is more than just a hashtag on social media – It is a global initiative by MoreThanDigital to make the world a better place, by sharing knowledge and improving the way we do things. We are an initiative of experts, companies, and organizations that are committed to more relevant and sustainable practical applications for business, science, politics, and society.

Together we aim to use technology and knowledge for the good of everyone by implementing solutions that make an impact. We believe that change is constant and we need your skills to help drive this change. We want to use technology and know-how for the good of everyone by implementing solutions that make an impact. We are committed to promoting social change and making the findings from technology, transformation, and change management available to everyone without restriction.


 Our #bethechange commitment –
Access for everyone

At MoreThanDigital, we are committed to giving everyone access to knowledge and solutions which were till now only accessible to a few. We believe that by making this knowledge and tools available to everyone, we can drive positive change in the world.

We work in a freemium model, meaning that everyone has access to our resources for free, and those who want even more should pay their fair share depending on their abilities. This allows us to reach as many people as possible without limitations and make an impact.

It might be a harder way but we believe that things can be done differently.

Giving everyone access to the future!


We thrive to give everyone access to the future. Feel free to use our resources, services or even support our mission by contributing, sharing or participating.