Data-Driven Strategic Decisions

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Understand the different steps of using data for strategic decisions and data-driven management. 

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The first step in using MoreThanDigital Insights is to analyze your business and assess its needs. You can measure up to 300 different business dimensions, depending on your company size and how many departments you have and need. The platform allows you to invite managers or even create anonymous employee surveys to gather relevant data.

After the information is collected, the Insights platform will calculate all business-relevant results and creates reports which highlight the most crucial KPIs and metrics. This data can even be compared to your personalized peer sets or benchmarked against your industry averages.

With help of these insights and analytics about the maturity of your company and its financial fitness, you can prioritize the most important topics and areas for improvement. This could also help to find relevant help or brief consultants to improve the outcome of strategic investments.

When doing this analysis every year, you can even get a relevant impact analysis for your projects and follow your progress over the years.

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Understand your Organizations Insights Journey.

6 Step Journey to Data-Driven Decision Making and Data-Driven Strategic Managemement

Insights will help to analyze, understand and act based on Data!


1. Start by analyzing your Organization

Easily set-up your account and start by answering the modules that are revevant to you. It only takes 10-20 min per module and you choose what you want to analyze. 


2. Collaborate and get Feedback

You can invite managers, invite consultants or even collect anonymous feedback from employees via survey invitations to carry out and divide up the steps of the analysis.


3. Get Business Reports and Insights

The report is built with managers in mind with the most relevant KPIs, charts, analytics, and even benchmarks. You can quickly see how you are performing compared to your industry, or track progress over time.


4. Compare and Benchmark your Results

Compare your results to your peers or industry averages. You can even personalize the peer groups by country, size, and industry.


5. Rank and prioritize the most important Topics

MoreThanDigital Insights can help to rank the most critical areas and support in the data-driven prioritization of high-impact strategic topics.


6. Measure the Results and Iterate your Strategy

Managers can use the data-driven decision-making platform to measure performance and track progress over time. This allows for better impact measurement and strategy iteration.


Insights allows every Manager to make

Data-Driven Decisions.

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