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Insights helps you to improve every aspect of your organization.

Advanced business KPIs are essential to success in any organization. By tracking specific metrics for every department and area, businesses can ensure that they are making the most of their resources and improving in the areas that matter most. Insights offers dozens of different advanced business KPIs, so every department and every area can track the metrics that are most important to them. This allows organizations to optimize their operations, stay competitive and achieve their goals more quickly.

Advanced Business Analytics & KPIs

MoreThanDigital Insights enables even more specific business analytics and KPIs which can be department- or function-specific. Furthermore, the platform enables the comparison of these metrics with industry standards or peers. This allows businesses to have a more comprehensive understanding of their performance and make more informed data-driven strategic decisions. 

Analytics & KPIs

We help every organization to analyze relevant numbers and key performance indicators (KPIs) for data-driven decision-making. Focus on the analytics that have the biggest impact.

Comparison & Benchmarks

Insights allows you to compare your business to industry averages or customized peers to see how well you are performing. This information can help you make informed decisions about your business’ future.

Advanced (Financial) Insights

for Data-Driven Decisions

Making data-driven decisions can be challenging if you don’t have the right insights. Every department and topic has specific KPIs and metrics, which we call “Advanced Insights.” These insights help departments to thrive and better understand different aspects that can be optimized.

MoreThanDigital Insights can provide every department with the most important insights, allowing managers to see where they can improve in specific areas. This data can help companies to optimize every aspect of their operations and make informed strategic decisions.

Insights helps you improve important metrics

With MoreThanDigital Insights, you can analyze important financial KPIs from every department. Over 50+ leading experts analyzed and prioritized the most important financial metrics for better data-driven decision-making in every area.

  • Marketing & PR
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • Sourcing & Supply Chain Management
  • Research and development (R&D)
  • Legal
  • Finance & Controlling
  • Human Ressources (HR)
  • Information Technology (IT)
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Management Report

Generate extensive executive reports for the most important KPIs. These reports help you make better decisions based on data.

Peer Insights

Compare your own results with relevant peers or your industry. These unique insights will help you make better-informed decisions.


Your performance is changing, and Insights allows you to track your progress across the whole organization – Year-over-Year.

Why analyze advanced KPIs?

Advanced business KPIs are essential to success in any organization. By tracking these specific metrics, businesses can ensure they are making the most of their resources. Every department has specific KPIs and metrics that are specific to their work. The difference to classic KPIs like revenue, costs, resource allocation, etc. is that the advanced KPIs are way more specific to the department or the topics.

Each department in a company has its own unique set of advanced KPIs. Businesses need to understand these metrics to make the most of their resources. Comparing and benchmarking these KPIs against other companies can help identify areas for improvement. The most important part of tracking KPIs is ensuring they are actionable.

Input, output, process, and outcome KPIs
Input, output, process, and outcome KPIs are all important in tracking the success of a business. However, they measure different things and should be used differently.

  • Input KPIs track the resources that go into a business. This includes money, time, materials, and energy.
  • Output KPIs track what comes out of a business. This includes products and services, as well as waste products. 
  • Process KPIs track how the inputs are being used to create the outputs. This includes the steps of the process and how efficient they are. 
  • Outcome KPIs track the results of the business. This includes profits, customer satisfaction, and social responsibility.

Here are some examples of advanced KPIs:

For marketing, some advanced KPIs might be click-through rate (CTR), cost-per-acquisition (CPA), or customer lifetime value (CLV). These metrics can help track the effectiveness of a marketing campaign and determine whether or not it is profitable. Additionally, marketing departments can use CLV to decide which customers to target and how much money to spend acquiring them.

In operations, some advanced KPIs include inventory turnover ratio and days of inventory on hand. These metrics can help track the efficiency of operations and identify areas where improvements can be made. For example, suppose the inventory turnover ratio is low. In that case, this might indicate that there is too much stock on hand and that money is being wasted on storage costs.

Finance departments track various advanced KPIs, including net income, return on assets (ROA), and debt-to-equity ratio. By monitoring these metrics, businesses can make wise financial decisions and maximize profits.

Important notice:

There are hundreds of possible KPIs for every department, and one can get lost in measuring metrics. The key is not to overmeasure but to have the most critical metrics in mind, which directly impact the performance and are not just “nice-to-have.”

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Some questions answered

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the MoreThanDigital Insights platform. If your question is not included, we’d love to hear from you!

How can I analyze the advanced KPIs of my company?

MoreThanDigital Insights is an excellent choice for tracking and comparing different KPIs of every department in your organization. We prioritized the most critical metrics, insights, and KPIs with over 50+ industry and topic experts so you can measure what is important – These are our “Advanced KPIs.”

With our platform is easy to enter your data, use a guided flow and provide automatic KPI calculations, incl. peer insights. Additionally, your data will be kept safe, anonymous, and confidential.

How can I improve my company based on this data?

Insights gives you a highlighted overview of your company’s and department’s  advanced (financial) KPIs and how it stacks up against the competition, peers, or industry.

Additionally, the maturity section will help identify where you need to focus your efforts on all relevant business dimensions, and the peer insights section provides a valuable resource for benchmarking.

Finally, the more you know what’s working (and what isn’t), the better you’ll make informed, data-driven decisions that improve your business.

Can anyone see my data? Is it safe?

Your company’s data and financial insights are safe with us.

Only you can see it, and nobody else can search for it. Insights meets the most stringent requirements for protecting your data in transfer and rest.

However, if you invite others to Insights and view your financial data, they may have access to that information. So please be careful when inviting consultants, employees, and managers.  Our comprehensive User-Access Management will help you manage the visibility of your sensitive data; by default, nobody can see your financial data.

Who are my peers for comparisons/benchmarks?

In our free version, your peers for comparisons and benchmarks can vary depending on several factors, including country, industry, and company size and will be automatically set by our system. Your company will then be compared against your primary sector and relevant size classification within your country/state.

However, with our premium, you can choose your peers based on what best represents your company’s positioning. This could include data from multiple countries, a range of company sizes, or companies in complementary industries.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you should always be looking to set your peers right and aim for excellence in essential areas – this is what will help you stand out from the competition.

Is Insights really free? Are there hidden costs?

Yes, Insights is free for everyone. We believe that by making it easier for people to get insights from their data, they can be more successful in their businesses and positively impact the world. That’s why we’re committed to being the most accessible analytics platform.

To save server workload, we only limit peer data and report dept, which is then reserved for the premium version. For your personalized peer data set and more in-depth reports, please support our mission by buying a premium report.

Please read our #bethechange statement – why MoreThanDigital gives everyone access to such tools.

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